Our Process

At Lenex, we have the ability to fabricate main member beams and steel columns that can be produced at most any length for almost all final applications and paint requirements. 

Look over the list of tasks we typically go through to fabricate structural steel for all types of commercial and public buildings, from the beginning of an idea to final building construction. Let us work with you to facilitate a smooth flow from design, estimate, and schedule to detailing, fabrication, and construction.


  • Client needs
  • Building usage
  • Construction footprint
  • Building specs and design
  • Engineering challenges
  • Schedule
  • Budget


  • Delivery dates
  • Structural and miscellaneous steel needed
  • Quality certifications needed
  • Project approach
  • Safety procedures
  • Scope of work
  • Steel sequencing schedule
  • Pricing
  • Means and methods
  • Team responsibilities

Design / Build

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Design/engineer steel structures
  • Develop budgets and schedules
  • Prepare design drawings
  • Develop shop drawings
  • Fabricate material
  • Manage/complete staging/delivery
  • Steel erection

Plan / Spec

  • Produce shop drawings
  • Fabricate material
  • Manage/complete staging/delivery
  • Manage steel erection